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Model CER6000 Standard reference resistor

pic pr cer6000 de de 53753.jpg

Brand: WIKA

Model: CER6000

High accuracy Excellent long-term stability Low temperature coefficient Rugged ...

Model Pascal ET Hand-held multifunction calibrator

pic pr pascaletis de de 47966.jpg

Brand: WIKA

Model: Pascal ET

Measurement and simulation of the following parameters: pressure, electrical ...

Model CED7000 High-precision process calibrator


Brand: WIKA

Model: CED7000

Excellent accuracy of up to 0.0025 % of reading Measuring and simulation of ...

Model CEP6100 Documenting multi-function calibrator


Brand: WIKA

Model: CEP6100

Calibrating and storing of up to 21 test points from up to 50 different test ...

Model CEP6000 Hand-held multi-function calibrator


Brand: WIKA

Model: CEP6000

Highest accuracy in class of up to ±0.015 % of reading Measuring and simulation ...

Model CEP3000 Hand-held temperature calibrator


Brand: WIKA

Model: CEP3000

High accuracy of up to ±0.4 °C for type J thermocouples and ±0.3 °C for 4-wire ...

Model CEP1000 Precision Loop Calibrator


Brand: WIKA

Model: CEP1000

Very high accuracy up to ± 0.015 % of reading Simulates, powers and measures ...

Models CTB9400, CTB9500 Calibration bath Heating bath or heating and cooling bath

ctb9400, ctb9500

Brand: WIKA

Model: CTB9400, CTB9500

Controller with 5.7" colour touchscreen and menu navigation in 11 languages 2 x ...

Model CTB9100 Micro calibration bath


Brand: WIKA

Model: CTB9100

Two ranges: -35 ... +165 °C (-31 ... +329 °F) and 40 ... 225 °C (104 ... 437 ...

Model CTI5000 Infrared calibrator


Brand: WIKA

Model: CTI5000

■ Testing of infrared thermometers across a wide temperature range; 50 … 500 °C ...


ctm9100 150

Brand: WIKA

Model: CTM9100-150

Multifunctional device with four controller parameters Calibration with an ...

Model CTD9100-375 Temperature dry block calibrator

ctd9100 375

Brand: WIKA

Model: CTD9100-375

High accuracy and stability Possibility for testing temperature switches Low ...

Model CTD9100-1100 Temperature dry well calibrator

ctd9100 1100

Brand: WIKA

Model: CTD9100-1100

Temperature range 200 ... 1,100 °C (392 ... 2,012 °F)

Model CTD9300 Temperature dry-well calibrator


Brand: WIKA

Model: CTD9300

Easy operation via intuitive, user-friendly menus Large, easy-to-read ...

Model CTD9100 Temperature dry well calibrator


Brand: WIKA

Model: CTD9100

Easy on-site calibration Power generation Measurement and control ...

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