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SebaKMT MFM 10 Sheath Fault Auto System

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Brand: SebaKMT

Model: MFM 10

The intuitive, menu supported operator guidance of the SebaKMT MFM 10 Sheath Fault Auto System work with the approve SebaKMT Easy-Go principle. The fully automatic measurement and evaluation of the measured data gives the operator a fast, easy and reliable tool to test the sheath of cables, and to perform a prelocation and pinpointing of detected faults.


  • Solid IP54 PELI trolley case – Easy handling
  • Wide range input for all supply voltages
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Improved prelocation with voltage drop method
  • Highest accuracy by bi-polar measurement
  • Independent from the resistance of supplementary wires and test leads
  • Very fast and fully automatic measurement
  • Detection, storage and indication of fast events
  • Protocol generation by Easyprot Software
  • Burning
  • Slim HV-connector ... and just 1 cable
  • Detection of correct hook-up to cable under test
  • Fault locating of high resistive faults inside cables
  • Integrated discharge unit