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Radiodetection RD8000+ Universal Precision Cable & Pipe Locator

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rd8000 sm
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Brand: Radiodetection

Model: RD8000+

Product info


The RD8000PDL and PXL are powerful successors to the industry standard RD4000PDL and PXL pipe and cable locators. The RD8000 improves on speed, accuracy and reliability yet remains a cost-effective solution for any application delivering unique user features. Designed with the latest digital software, RD8000 delivers a highly controllable and reliable locate solution to service any industry, anywhere in the world.


Key Features



  • Light weight – 28% lighter than industry standard RD4000
  • IP54 Rating – you can operate it in almost any environment
  • Transmitter and receiver feature a large, high contrast backlit LCD screen.


  • Combination of new and innovative algorithms with established software on a high-performance processor core
  • Improves the accuracy and repeatability of measurements
  • Delivers powerful signal filtering and analysis allowing continued operation even in the most electrically noisy environments.


  • ILOC™ is an advanced Bluetooth® link between the RD8000 locator and transmitter
  • ILOC allows the operator to control the transmitter remotely
  • Less time walking and more time locating.


  • Gives the operator the tools to pass survey information to third-party applications for audit, analysis and reporting
  • 1000 locate records can be stored and reviewed
  • Upload this information to PDA or PC using RD8000 Bluetooth connection.


  • A Radiodetection technique that allows the operator to validate the original factory calibration of the RD8000
  • eCAL can issue and print validation certificate without needing to return the RD8000 to a service center.


  • Accurate depth readings as only indicates a locate depth when the locator is correctly oriented directly above the pipe/cable.


Rechargeable battery packs for Locators & Transmitters

  • Available for Precision Cable & Pipe Locators and the Tx Transmitter range.
  • Offer increased flexibility.
  • Provide improved cost-of-ownership.
  • Deliver excellent run-time and superior cold-weather performance by comparison to standard alkaline batteries.
  • Can be charged from empty in just three hours from the supplied mains chargers.
  • No need for operators to replace, manage and recycle alkaline battery cells, reducing the associated costs, workload and environmental burden. 
  • Locator rechargeable battery packs are supplied with a mains charger (90V to 240V, 50/60Hz) as standard.  An automotive charger (12V to 24V DC) is also available for use on the move.
  • Transmitter rechargeable packs are available in kits that include the rechargeable battery pack, a mains charger (90V to 240V, 50/60Hz) and an automotive charger (12V to 24V DC). 
  • Individual chargers and battery packs are also available as separate parts for both locators and transmitters.