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Programma Sverker 750 & 760 Relay Test Sets

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Brand: Programma

Model: SVERKER 750 and 760


  • High current/high power output
  • Freeze and hold readings
  • Interconnect up to three test sets for three phase relays
  • Read external volts and current
  • 0 to 360 degrees phase shift capability
  • Optional software automates testing


Programma SVERKER 750/760 feature many functions that make relay testing more efficient. For example, its powerful measurement section can display (in addition to time, voltage and current) Z, R, X, S, P, Q, phase angle and cos φ. All values are presented on a single easy-to-read display. The control panel features a logical layout, still SVERKER 750/760 users will find it comfortably familiar and will be able to start work right away.  

They are designed to comply with EU standards and other personal and operational safety standards. Both are equipped with a serial port for PC communication and download.


The Sverker 760 has an additional phase shift function.