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Programma FREJA 306 Relay Testing System

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Brand: Programma

Model: Freja 306

Megger Programma FREJA™ 306 is the latest member of the relay testing equipment from Megger, quick and easy to use, like the FREJA 300. The rugged hardware design is built for field use over a wide temperature range, with the possibilities of intelligent software to perform rapid testing.


FREJA 306 can be operated with or without a PC. After being put into the Local mode, FREJA 306 can be used stand-alone without a PC. Using the Local mode is easy.


FREJA 306 is an excellent choice when you want more current outputs, higher amps (3 x 15 A + 3 x 35 A), VA or compliance voltage. Use it to test differential relays with 6 currents, or virtually any single or 3-phase relay.



  • For secondary testing of protection relays
  • Can be used stand-alone or with a PC
  • Flexble, can test many relay types
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Greatest possible precision