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Programma Freja 300 Relay Test System

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Brand: Programma

Model: FREJA 300


  • Manual and automatic control
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent software provides great visuals and simple setup
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Highly accurate
  • User can calibrate unit


The FREJA 300 relay testing system is a computer-aided relay testing and simulation system. The weight of FREJA 300 is only 15 kg. The rugged hardware design is built for field use over a wide temperature range, with the possibilities of intelligent software to perform rapid testing.


The unit can generate 4 x 150V (82VA) and 3 x 15A (87VA) or 1 x 45A (250VA). Each output can be varied independently. Both static and dynamic testing can be performed, such as prefault and fault generation, simultaneous ramping of several quantities and waveform editing.


The unit can also be used as a disturbance simulator and create or generate simulated disturbances or even import actual recorded disturbances.