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PDK1000-1 - 1000V/1A Regulated DC Power Supply

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Brand: Texio - Kenwood

Model: PDK1000-1

The PDK1000-1 is a CV/CC regulated DC power supply and it output 0V to 1000V / 0A to 1000mA. It uses a series regulator method in the DC output part which provides high stability and low ripple characteristic and also a switching regulator method with power factor improvement circuit (95%) in the AC input part which provides miniaturisation of the case and weight saving. The PDK1000-1 is better suited for experimental or evaluation testing for electrical components of batteries, inverters and DC/DC converters for electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HEV). User-friendly “DIGIT key” and a rotary encoder are availble on the front panel, and external interfaces on the rear panel. The PDK1000-1 has safeguard functions, OVP (over voltage protection), OCP (over current protection) and OHP (over heat protection). Input voltage is AC100V to 240V suited for worldwide use.