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Megger S1-568 & S1-1068 5kV and 10kV DC Insulation Resistance Tester

  • s1 568
s1 568
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Brand: Megger

Model: S1-568 and S1-1068

Megger S1-568 & S1-1068 5kV and 10kV DC Insulation Resistance Tester have been designed to deliver dependable results in even the most severe of electrical environments, including high-voltage transmission and distribution substations, through provision of class-leading noise rejection of 8mA - up to twice that of most comparable instruments - and enhanced software filtering that has four user-selectable options.


The S1-series insulation testers are available in two models. The S1-568 tests at up to 5 kV and can measure insulation resistance up to 15 TΩ, while the S1-1068 operates at up to 10 kV and measures to 35 TΩ. Both models have a high short-circuit current of 6 mA to ensure rapid charging of items under test and both have a CAT IV 600 V safety rating, at altitudes up to 3,000 m, in line with IEC 61010.


Megger’s new utility focused S1 range of Insulation Resistance Testers (IRT) are smaller and lighter than previous models, yet offer advanced features; remote control, improved battery life, rapid charge capability, filter options and extended noise rejection. In addition, all S1 models have USB cable and Bluetooth® interfaces.


A key productivity feature is the ability to operate with a discharged battery when an AC source is connected. An intelligent battery charger ensures the optimum charge rate as a function of battery level, resulting in extended battery life and minimum charge times.



  • High performance, 8 mA noise rejection, 4 digital filter options
  • Compact and light weight
  • Tough dual case design
  • Rapid charge Li-ion battery – meets IEC62133
  • Operate with flat battery from an AC source
  • Remote control with indicator beacon