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Megger PFL22M1500 Power Cable Fault Locator

  • pfl20 small
pfl20 small
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Brand: Megger

Model: PFL22M1500


  • New style MTDR is mounted in the lid for easier viewing with a large, bright screen
  • Inductive arc reflection filter delivers more energy where it’s needed
  • On-board inverter provides a choice of power options
  • Multiple fault locating techniques:
  • Arc Reflection Method
  • Time Domain Reflectometry (Pulse Echo)
  • Impulse Current
  • High Voltage Surge
  • Proof and Burn


The PFL22M1500 Power Fault Locator System is designed to meet power industry requirements for power cable fault location in underground residential distribution (URD) systems.


The instrument includes a set of outstanding new features including a simple-to-operate MTDR built into the lid and an inductive arc reflection filter to deliver more energy to the fault. An on-board inverter provides the user a choice of input power options.


The PFL20M1500 combines all the tools necessary to perform accurate cable fault location (including dc tester/burner, surge generator, radar coupling and TDR.)