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Megger MIG16-2 Impulse Generator and HV Test System

megger mig16 2
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Brand: Megger

Model: MIG16-2

The MIG16-2 Impulse Generator and HV Test System provides a safe, efficient and easy-to-use solution for quickly testing and pinpointing various types of cable faults over a wide range of power cables.


The MIG16-2 Impulse Generator and HV Test System comes in a rugged yet portable enclosure. Its IP64 rating makes it suitable for use in even environmentally hostile conditions. Previously these types of instruments were primarily designed for installation in test vans.


It fills the field portable gap, where there is only a need for an impulse generator (thumper), and proof tester, but no need for the cable fault capabilities of an MTDR.


The compact, portable system delivers both a powerful 8 and 16kV 1500 joule surge impulse capability with the added benefit of d.c. insulation testing up to 20kV.


Combining the MIG16-2 with the MPP2000 allows for safe, rapid testing and pinpointing of faults in cable networks.  This combination makes the MIG16-2 an extremely versatile and strong competitor that satisfies world-wide market requirements.



  • Rugged Field Instrument
  • Portable Field Impulse Generator
  • Two Range 8/16kV output
  • Powerful 1500 Joules output
  • HV insulation testing to 20 kV
  • Proof/burn up to 20 kV, 115 mA