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Megger IDAX 300/350 Insulation Diagnostic Analyzers

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Brand: Megger

Model: IDAX 300/350

Megger IDAX 300/350 measures the capacitance and tan delta/power factor of the insulation between power transformer windings at multiple frequencies. Plotting the results as a curve makes it possible to assess the condition of the oil and solid insulation, to assess the moisture level in the solid insulation, oil conductivity/ tan delta and power frequency tan delta at reference temperature (20°C).


Megger IDAX 300/350 provides an accurate and reliable condition assessment of insulation in transformers, bushings, generators and cables. The IDAX 300 system maximizes the outcome of maintenance activities allowing for load and service life optimization.



  • Fast and accurate moisture assessment in power transformers
  • Reliable results at any temperature
  • Automated analysis of moisture content and oil conductivity, tan delta at 20°C reference temperature
  • True frequency domain measurement for highest interference rejection
  • Performs non-intrusive insulation testing of transformers, bushings, cables and generators
  • Well proven technology; IDA/IDAX units have been in field use for more than 15 years