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Hart Scientific 1523 & 1524 Reference Thermometers

Brand: Hart Scientific

Model: 1523 & 1524

The new 1523/24 Reference Thermometers from Fluke’s Hart Scientific division measure, graph, and record PRTs, thermocouples, and thermistors. These new thermometer readouts deliver high accuracy, wide measurement range, logging, and trending, all in a handheld tool you can take anywhere.

The 1523/24 lets you handle field applications, laboratory measurements, and data logging with ease. And with the dual channel measurement capabilities of the model 1524, you can do twice the work in half the time.

Make accurate, consistent measurement...anywhere

You need accuracy for compliance, product yields, energy savings, and consistent results. The 1523/24 uses current reversal, a technique used in high-end instruments that eliminates thermal EMFs, for precision temperature measurements. Specifications are guaranteed from –10 °C to 60 °C ambient. Special precision resistors and a highly stable reference voltage source keep 1523/24 accuracy virtually insensitive to environmental temperature.

Like all Fluke handheld tools, the 1523/24 Reference Thermometers endure rigorous testing in temperature extremes and under harsh conditions of vibration, so you can take it with confidence anywhere you need to go. An optional magnetic hanger allows you to hang the thermometer for easy viewing while freeing your hands to focus on the job.