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GW Instek GFG-3015 Programmable Function Generator

gfg 3015
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Brand: GW Instek

Model: GFG-3015

GW Instek GFG-3015 is a versatile and high precision programmable function generator, providing stable and accurate signals at up to 15MHz. Powered by Frequency Feedback technology, the GFG-3015 delivers frequency accuracy as low as 0.02% and a maximum resolution of10mHz. 10 front panel keys make memory setup and predefined signal production a breeze. With a massive feature set and great value, the GFG-3015 is an extremely versatile instrument used in education, repair service, production and experimental labs. 



  • Frequency Range 0.01Hz~15MHz
  • Maximum Frequency Resolution 10mHz
  • Frequency Accuracy 0.02%± 5 Count
  • Dual Displays Indicate Frequency and Amplitude
  • Built-in 6 Digit Counter With INT/EXT Function up to 150MHz/High Resolution
  • Output Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, AM, FM, Sweep, TTL, Trigger and Gate or Burst
  • INT/EXT AM/FM Modulation
  • LIN/LOG Sweep Mode
  • Variable DC Offset Control
  • VCF for 100:1 EXT Frequency Control
  • GCV Output for Synchronization
  • SYNC Output
  • Output Overload Protection
  • RS-232C Standard Interface