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FLIR CM55 & CM57 Flexible Clamp Meter

flir cm55   cm57

Brand: Flir

Model: FLIR CM55 & CM57

The FLIR Flexible Clamp Meters with Bluetooth® are ergonomic tools designed to simplify difficult current measurements. Made with a narrow flexible coil clamp, the CM55 and CM57 let you easily take measurements in tight or awkward spots — a difficult task with a traditional hard jaw clamp meter. With Bluetooth communication for remote viewing and data transfer to iOS® and Android™ devices via the FLIR Tools mobile app, quickly share and analyze data right from the jobsite.


Take accurate measurements in tight or awkward spots

Snake the coil around obstacles with ease, even in deep, crowded cabinets


Tricky conductors conquered

True RMS AC Current up to 3,000 Amps for multiple conductor measurements


Inrush current

Measure hard and soft start-up inrush current spikes while equipment is ramping up


Standalone flexible clamp meter

Displays the readings you need for easy inspection and navigation