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Extech PS101, PS106 & PS115 Differential Pressure Manometer

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Brand: Extech

Model: PS101, PS106 & PS115

Extech PS100 Differential Pressure Manometers series are ideal for field, manufacturing or lab/R&D use. Three models offer ranges for various applications: 1psi, 6psi, 15psi. Each model displays readings in 11 units with high resolution.



- HVAC: Pressure drop at fi lters and pressure loss in ducts
- Testing pneumatic controls and pressurized equipment in manufacturing
- Clean rooms and medical equipment
- Testing and adjusting regulators
- Positive pressure testing in clean rooms & operating rooms
- Boiler installation and gas furnace pressure switch testing


Three models to choose from:

- Extech PS101 (±1psi range)
- Extech PS106 (±6psi range)
- Extech PS115 (±15psi range)



  • Differential pressure manometer
  • +/-1psi measurement range with 0.001psi resolution
  • 11 units of measurement
  • Save and recall up to 99 readings
  • Max/Min and Data Hold
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Auto power off, with disable function
  • Zeroing function
  • Optional PC interface