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Extech MO270 Wireless Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

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Brand: Extech

Model: MO270

The Extech MO270 Wireless Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter features a detachable sensor that allows for wireless transmission of data directly to the built-in color graphing display from up to 40 remote sensors, with the readings of up to eight sensors viewable on the LCD screen. 


It can used for detects moisture in wood, particle board, carpeting, and ceiling/bathroom tiles noninvasively (pinless); the MO270 also measures moisture in sheet rock and other building materials using pins that are driven into the material under test.



  • Detachable sensors transmit data to the display that can be viewed from a remote location up to 65ft (20m) from the measurement point
  • Readings from 8 remote sensors can be viewed on the meter display
  • Trending Mode with graphical representation of live reading for fast scanning of large areas
  • Wireless sensor affixes to telescoping handle (4ft/1.2m) for measurements in ceilings or in hard to reach areas;  Optional 9.8ft (3m) and 16.4ft (5m) handles available
  • Wirelessly transmits moisture data to your FLIR infrared  camera's thermal image
  • %WME (wood moisture equivalent) pin moisture reading
  • Visual and audible High/Low alarm modes
  • Pinless measurement depth to 0.75" (22mm) below the surface
  • 2 point calibration check built into protective cap
  • Cap protects pins during storage and snaps on to the side when in use
  • Complete with 3.7V rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, wireless moisturesensor, external pin probe, replacement pins, telescoping handle (4ft/1.2m), AC adaptor, protective cap, 2G SD card, and hard case