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DCS-7500A Series & DCS-4605   Digital Storage Oscilloscope

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Downloads & Videos DCS-7500A Series & DCS-4605

Brand: Texio - Kenwood

Model: DCS-7500A Series & DCS-4605

● High sample rate (except DCS-4605)
Maximum 1GS/s (25ns/div-100μs/div) (using 1ch)
Maximum 500MS/s (50ns/div-100μs/div) (using 2ch at a time)
25GS/s equivalent sample rate per channel
● Long memory (except DCS-4605)
Maximum two mega points (one mega points at using 2ch) long memory is available and it enables to monitor magnified wave forms in detail.
● Automatic measurement functions
27 kinds ( DCS-4605: 19 kinds) of automatic measurement functions ( for vertical axis : 12 items, for horizontal axis : seven items and for delaying : eight items (DCS-7500A Series only)) are available and five parameters can be displayed on the LCD display at same time.
● Automatic calculation functions
Versatile calculation ( +, -, x, FFT, FFT-RMS analysis* ) functions are available. (*: DCS-7500A Series only)
● Built-in memory
The DCS-7500A series and DCS-4605 can memories front panel setting and wave forms data by themselves using the memory.
● Clear display
The DCS-7500 series and DCS-4605 have a broad outlook 5.6 inch color LCD display (TFT) and LED back light.
● Support voltage and current probes
Enable to set measuring scales of voltage / current (vertical axis) at from x0.1 to x2000 (1-2-5 steps) according to probes.
● Various trigger functions
Edge trigger, Video trigger and Pulse trigger functions are available.
● An "educational mode" function can be used in order to prevent a student from using an automatic calculation function.
● Application software; FreeWave
The software enables to control the DCS-7500 series and DCS-4605 by PC (through USB). It can display wave forms on PC display in real time and save wave forms data as not only still picture but also motion picture by PC.
● Go-NoGo function
● Data logger function (with using USB memory)