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BALTECH SA-4300 Electronic and Mechanical Alignment System



Model: SA-4300

BALTECH SA-4300 is an electronic and mechanical alignment system with digital electronic indicators. This is a fully automated set for shaft alignment of horizontal and vertical machines. Installation of electric motors and repair of fans are performed easier and faster if you also use the calibration steel shims BALTECH-23458N Series. The digital indicators are connected directly to the electronic unit via cables. The electronic unit carries out automatic calculation of misalignment values in two planes. BALTECH SA-4300 allows to perform the machine alignment in real-time mode. The alignment report is stored in the device memory and can be transferred to the BALTECH Expert balancing software.


  • Horizontal shaft alignment 9-0-3;
  • Vertical shaft alignment 9-0-3;
  • Check and elimination of soft foot;
  • Compensation of thermal growth ;
  • Compensation of shaft floating on oil wedge ;
  • Compensation of the rod deflection ;
  • Alignment of machines with intermediate shafts ;
  • On-line alignment quality control;
  • Selection between the alignment methods: radiaxial method or dial indicator method;
  • Alignment results are stored in the device memory ;
  • Report transfer to PC