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BALTECH SA-4100 Shaft Alignment



Model: SA-4100

The BALTECH SA-4100 shaft alignment system with dial indicators on the basis of a pocket computer is intended to perform shaft alignment of horizontal and vertical pumps and fans. The system has a tape with a liquid level for precise installation of the dial indicators. The device is low cost and high-performance. BALTECH SA-4100 has the pocket computer with a program for misalignment calculation. The program calculates the required movements of the electric motor front and rear feet based on three of four points. You can select between two alignment methods: radiaxial method and dial indicator method. Note, that it is not recommended to use mechanical fixtures with radiaxial method for sleeve bearings. BALTECH SA-4100 is easily extended to BALTECH SA-4200 or BALTECH SA-4300.

We recommend to use the calibration metal shims BALTECH-23458N.


  • Shaft alignment of horizontal pumps and fans 9-0-3;
  • Shaft alignment of vertical pumps and fans 9-0-3;
  • Check and elimination of soft foot during the shaft alignment;
  • Thermal growth compensation;
  • Selection between the alignment methods: radiaxial method or dial indicator method;
  • Built-in digital camera