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Bacharach Fyrite INSIGHT Residential Combustion Analyzer

  • fyrite insight sm
fyrite insight sm

Brand: Bacharach

Model: Fyrite Insight

Bacharach Fyrite® INSIGHT Residential Combustion Analyzer allows technicians and HVAC/R service representatives the ability to upgrade and calibrate their equipment without having to send it to the manufacturer, saving them from valuable downtime.


Fyrite® INSIGHT, a five-in-one steady state combustion analyzer includes: a room air CO test instrument, a flue gas CO tester, dual channel digital thermometer (up to 999ºF), and a digital manometer (which measures draft, gas pressure, ESP, and up to +/- 100 INWC).


Capable of providing up to 100 combustion, pressure, and temperature records, the INSIGHT also can display measurement results for up to eight different fuels on its backlit, custom readout graphic LCD display. In addition, specific information can also be uploaded to a PC or printed version via an infrared printer.


Bacharach's unique smart sensor exchange program will deliver new B-Smart Sensors right to the user. Just a simple "pop out and pop in" replacement of the sensor permits self calibration with no gas or guess work required! Providing the quickest and easiest calibration options to date, the B-Smart Sensors assures accurate performance with no downtime.


Five Tools in ONE!

◦Combustion and efficiency analyzer - (8) different fuels

◦Room air CO test instrument

◦Flue gas CO tester (CO air free)

◦Dual channel digital thermometer (Up to 999°F)

◦Digital manometer (draft, gas pressure, ESP, up to 28 WC")


New B-Smart Technology

◦Self calibration

◦Easy access to sensors


User Diagnostics

◦02 and sensor life

◦Calibration reminders


Graphic LCD Display - Backlight, customizable readout and zoom feature


PC Based Software and Reporting package (optional)