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Amprobe GSD600 Gas Leak Detector

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ampr%20gsd600 pdt%20pic%20sm
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Brand: Amprobe

Model: GSD600

Amprobe GSD600 emits a frequency tone when gas is detected.The frequency of the beep coincides with the concentration of the gas. The LEDs display the level of gas present in an area or room. Pinpoint gas leaks for closed piping systems. Use the mute function in quiet work areas and utilize the LED displays. Or a standard earphone jack for hearing the meter in loud environments.



  • Detects Methane and Propane gas
  • Quickly identifies and pinpoints gas leaks
  • Automatic calibration feature
  • 5 level LED alarm: >40, >80, >160, >320, and >640 ppm
  • Built-in earphone jack with mute function (earphone not included)
  • Flexible probe to access difficult measurement areas
  • Auto Power Off