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Temperature Measurement

Extech MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter


Brand: Extech

Model: MO280

Extech MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter - Non-invasive moisture measurement with ...

Extech MO290 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer + IR


Brand: Extech

Model: MO290

Extech MO290 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer + IR - 8-in-1 Meter with Patented ...

Extech MO270 Wireless Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter


Brand: Extech

Model: MO270

The innovative new Extech MO270 is a 2-in-1 pin and pinless moisture meter with ...

Extech MO230 Pocket Moisture Meter


Brand: Extech

Model: MO230

Extech MO230 Pocket Moisture Meter- Large Dual Graphical LCD, Displays moisture ...

Bacharach Sling Psychrometer


Brand: Bacharach

Model: Sling Psychrometer

The uniquely compact Bacharach Sling Psychrometer accurately determines percent ...

Extech IR200 Non-Contact Forehead IR Thermometer


Brand: Extech

Model: IR200

Extech IR200 Non-Contact Forehead IR Thermometer - Ideal for Quickly Detecting ...

Extech 42542 Infra-Red Thermometer

extech 42542

Brand: Extech

Model: 42542

Extech 42542 Infrared Thermometer, 30:1, with Alarm

Extech 42545 Infra-Red Therrmometer


Brand: Extech

Model: 42545

Extech 42545 Infrared Thermometer, 50:1, with Alarm

Extech IR201 Pocket Laser IR Thermometer

extech ir201

Brand: Extech

Model: IR201

Extech IR201, Handy troubleshooting Thermometers with laser pointer

Extech 42529 & 42530 Infra-Red Thermometers


Brand: Extech

Model: 42529 and 42530

Extech 42529 and 42530 Wide Range Infrared Thermometers

Amprobe TMD10 Dual Input Thermometer

ampr tmd10%20small

Brand: Amprobe

Model: TMD10

Amprobe TMD10 Portable Dual Input Digital Thermometer

Amprobe TMD90A Digital Thermometer

ampr tmd90%20small

Brand: Amprobe

Model: TMD90A

Amprobe TMD90A Dual input Digital Thermometer with wide measurement ranges

Extech EA11A Digital Thermometer


Brand: Extech

Model: EA11A

Extech EA11A, EasyView Type K Single Input Thermometer

Extech TM200 Type K Dual Input Thermometer


Brand: Extech

Model: TM200

Extech TM200 Type K Dual Input Thermometer

Extech 407907 RTD Thermometer


Brand: Extech

Model: 407907

Extech 407907 Heavy Duty RTD Thermometer with PC Interface

Hart Scientific 1523 & 1524 Reference Thermometers

1523 1524 1a

Brand: Hart Scientific

Model: 1523 & 1524

The new 1523/24 Reference Thermometers from Fluke’s Hart Scientific division ...

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