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Relay Test Equipment

Megger DELTA4110 and DELTA4310 12kV Insulation Diagnostic System

delta4000pic sm

Brand: Megger

Model: DELTA4110 and DELTA4310

Megger new DELTA4000 Series is a fully automatic 12-kV insulation power ...

Megger SMRT36 Automated Relay Test System

smrt36p sm

Brand: Megger

Model: SMRT36

The Megger SMRT36, is a smaller and lighter protective relay test set, and has ...

Megger SMRT33 Protective Relay Test System


Brand: Megger

Model: SMRT33

The SMRT33 Protective Relay Test System is conceivably the smallest, lightest, ...

Megger MPRT Protective Relay Test System

mprt sm

Brand: Megger

Model: MPRT

Megger MPRT is designed to perform routine testing of protective relays used in ...

Megger PCITS2000/2 Primary Current Injection Test

pcits2000 big

Brand: Megger

Model: PCITS2000/2

The PCITS2000/2 Primary Current Injection Test Set tests relay protection ...

Programma Freja 300 Relay Test System

freja300 big%20pic

Brand: Programma

Model: FREJA 300

Programma FREJA 300 is intended primarily for secondary testing of protective ...

Programma FREJA 306 Relay Testing System

freja306 bg

Brand: Programma

Model: Freja 306

Megger Programma FREJA™ 306 is the latest member of the relay testing equipment ...

Programma Sverker 650 Relay Test Set

sverker 650 big

Brand: Programma

Model: SVERKER 650

Progamma SVERKER 650 testing unit, whose design incorporates benefits gleaned ...

Programma Sverker 750 & 760 Relay Test Sets

sverker 760%20big

Brand: Programma

Model: SVERKER 750 and 760

Programma SVERKER 750/760 Relay Test sets features many functions that make ...

Programma SVERKER 750/780 Relay Test Sets

sverker780 appl

Brand: Programma

Model: Sverker 750/780

The SVERKER 750/780 Relay Test Set is the engineer's toolbox. The control panel ...

Programma ODEN AT Primary Current Injection Test System

oden at i6 p01%20(155x250)

Brand: Programma

Model: Oden AT

Programma ODEN AT is a powerful test system designed for primary injection ...

Programma PAM410 Phase Angle Meter


Brand: Programma

Model: PAM410

Programma PAM410 is specifically designed for measurements on electrical power ...

Programma PAM420 Multi Function Meter


Brand: Programma

Model: PAM420

Programma PAM420 is specifically designed for measurements on electrical power ...

Megger Freja 400 Relay Test System

freja 400

Brand: Megger

Model: Freja 400

The Megger FREJA 400-series is a new member of the relay testing equipment from ...