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Low Resistance Ohmmeters

Programma MOM2 Handheld 200A Micro-ohmmeter

mom2 bg

Brand: Programma

Model: MOM2

Megger Programma MOM2 is designed to measure the resistance of circuit breaker ...

Megger DLRO10 & DLRO10x Low Resistance Ohmmeters


Brand: Megger

Model: DLRO10 and DLRO10x

MEGGER DLRO10 and DLRO10X are both fully automatic Digital Microhmmeters, ...

Megger DLRO200 Digital Microhmmeter

dlro200 big1

Brand: Megger

Model: DLRO200

Megger DLRO200 Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter provides test currents from 10 ...

Megger DLRO600 Digital Microhmmeter

dlro600 sm

Brand: Megger

Model: DLRO600

Megger DLRO600 Digital Microhmmeter is a versatile instrument that can provide ...

Megger BT51 Low Resistance Ohmmeter

bt51 big

Brand: Megger

Model: BT51

Megger BT51 is a stable, accurate, reliable, low resistance ohmmeter equally ...

Megger 247000/1/2, 247100/1 Low Resistance Ohmmeters

247001 sm

Brand: Megger

Model: 247000/1/2 and 247100/1

Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters (DLRO) are a family of highly accurate ...

Programma MOM200A Microhmmeter

mom200a big1

Brand: Programma

Model: MOM200A

The MOM200A is designed to check and measure contact resistances in high-voltage ...

Programma MOM600A Microhmmeter

mom600a big

Brand: Programma

Model: MOM600A

Programma MOM600A Microhmmeter

Programma MOM690A Microhmmeter

mom690 bg

Brand: Programma

Model: MOM690

Megger Programma MOM690™ supplements our family of microhmmeters.

Programma MJOLNER 200 Microhmmeter

mjolner200 sm

Brand: Programma

Model: MJOLNER 200

Programma MJÖLNER 200 Microhmmeter test system is designed to serve a number of ...

Programma MJOLNER 600 Microhmmeter

mj%c3%96lner 600%20big

Brand: Programma

Model: MJOLNER 600

Choose the Programma MJÖLNER 600 Microhmmeter with excessive power resources for ...

Hioki 3540 Milliohm HiTester


Brand: Hioki

Model: 3540

Hioki 3540 Milliohm HiTester is a high performance low resistance tester that ...