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Loop & RCD Testers

Megger LT300 Loop Testers

lt300 appl

Brand: Megger

Model: LT300

Megger LT300 offers high current loop testing over a wide range of frequencies ...

Megger LTW315, LTW325, LTW335, LTW425 2 wire Loop Testers

ltw315 25 35 pdt%20pic

Brand: Megger

Model: LTW315, LTW325, LTW335, LTW425

The new Megger LTW300 series offer a 2 wire loop testing solution that does not ...

Megger LRCD200, LRCD210 & LRCD220 Loop & RCD Testers


Brand: Megger

Model: LRCD200, LRCD210 and LRCD220

The Megger LRCD200 series is the latest generation of combined non-tripping loop ...

Megger RCDT310, RCDT320 & RCDT330 RCD Testers

rcdt320 big

Brand: Megger

Model: RCDT310, RCDT320 and RCDT330

Even if they are inadvertently connected to a live three-phase supply, Megger's ...

Kyoritsu 4140 LOOP / PFC / PSC Tester


Brand: Kyoritsu

Model: 4140

Kyoritsu 4140 LOOP / PFC / PSC Tester performs three function in one instrument ...

Kyoritsu 5406A RCD Tester


Brand: Kyoritsu

Model: 5406A

Kyoritsu 5406A RCD Tester- Custom microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy ...