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Insulation Testers, 1KV and below

Megger MIT200 series Insulation & Continuity Testers

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Brand: Megger

Model: MIT200-EN, MIT210-EN, MIT220-EN and MIT230-EN

Megger MIT200 series of Digital/Analogue Insulation and Continuity Testers will ...

Megger MIT300 series Insulation & Continuity Testers

mit320 pdt%20pic%20small

Brand: Megger

Model: MIT300, MIT310, MIT310A, MIT320 and MIT330-EN

The new Megger MIT300 range of insulation and continuity testers is not only ...

Megger MIT400 series Insulation & Continuity Testers

mit400 pdt%20pic%20sm

Brand: Megger

Model: MIT400, MIT410, MIT420 and MIT430-EN

The new Megger MIT400 series insulation and continuity testers has been designed ...

Megger MIT40X Variable Voltage Insulation Tester

mit40x pdt%20pic%20small

Brand: Megger

Model: MIT40X

The Megger MIT40X provides a unique solution for awkward insulation voltage ...

Kyoritsu 3165 & 3166 Analogue Insulation Tester


Brand: Kyoritsu

Model: 3165 & 3166

Kyoritsu 3165 & 3166 - Analogue Insulation Continuity Tester measures up to 500V ...

Megger MIT480 series Telecom Insulation Testers

mit485 pdt%20pic%20sm

Brand: Megger

Model: MIT480, MIT481 and MIT485-EN

The Megger MIT480 series instruments have been developed specifically for the ...

Hioki IR4056-20 Insulation Tester

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Brand: Hioki

Model: 3454-10 & 3454-11

The Hioki IR4056-20 Insulation Tester is Hioki's most popular insulation tester ...