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Electronic Test Instruments

PPH-1503 Programmable High Precision DC Power Supply


Brand: GW Instek

Model: PPH-1503

-Dual Range Output (0~15V/0~3A) or (0~9V/0~5A) -3.5 Inch TFT LCD ...

PEL-3000 Series 175W/350W/1050W Programmable DC Electronic Load

pel 3000

Brand: GW Instek

Model: PEL-3000 Series

Operation modes: CC, CV, CR, CP, CC + CV, CR + CV, CP + CV High-precision, ...

APS-1102 AC power supply


Brand: GW Instek

Model: APS-1102

AC power supply(Power Supplies 5.7”large LCD display Various output modes and ...

APS-9000 Series AC Source


Brand: GW Instek

Model: APS-9000 Series

True RMS Meter Wide Output Voltage / Frequency Variable Range Save/Recall 4 ...

SG-4160B RF Generator

10 rf signal generator

Brand: Lodestar

Model: SG-4160B

Here is a compact solidstare RF signal generator designed for the hobbyist, ...

GAG-810/809 Audio Generator

fc 2009930132422

Brand: GW Instek

Model: GAG-810/809

*Frequency from 10Hz ~ 1MHz *0.02% Low Sine Wave Distortion (GAG-810 Only) *6 ...

GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer

fc 2012920163356

Brand: GW Instek

Model: GSP-730

- Frequency Range : 150kHz ~ 3GHz - Autoset Function - Noise Floor: ≦-100dBm - ...

GDB-02 Oscilloscope & Logic Analyzer Training KIT

fc 2009925213918

Brand: GW Instek

Model: GDB-02

* Application for GDS-Series and GLA-Series * 5Vdc Power Input (Support USB ...

GDB-03 Oscilloscope Training KIT

fc 2011915114651

Brand: GW Instek

Model: GDB-03

* Application for GDS-3000 demo and oscilloscope training * 5Vdc Power Input ...

GRF-3300 Series RF Training System

fc 200991115130

Brand: GW Instek

Model: GRF-3300 Series

* Designed for wireless frequency range applications * Includes a 880MHz ...

GRF-1300 RF Training System

fc 2012920165657

Brand: GW Instek

Model: GRF-1300

- Waveform Support : * Sine Wave: 0.1 ~ 3MHz * Square Wave: 0.1 ~ 3MHz * ...

RA-920B Resistance Attenuator

ra920 10

Brand: Texio - Kenwood

Model: RA-920B

●Attenuation range 0 to 121dB (0.1dB step) ●Frequency range:DC to 1MHz ●Maximum ...

CG-971 Color Pattern Generator

cg971 08

Brand: Texio - Kenwood

Model: CG-971

●Analog video signal/Audio signal output ●Conformity with NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, and ...

FGX-295 - 50MHz Arbitrary Function Generator

fgx295 08

Brand: Texio - Kenwood

Model: FGX-295

●Output range up to 50MHz for sine waveform and 25MHz for square ...

FG-281 - Function Generator

fg281 07

Brand: Texio - Kenwood

Model: FG-281

●Wide band output from 0.01Hz to 15MHz (Sine, Square wave) ●Digital display ...

FG-274 - Function Generator

fg274 09

Brand: Texio - Kenwood

Model: FG-274

The FG-274 is a synthesized function generator using DDS (Direct Digital ...

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