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Earth/Ground Resistance Testers

Megger DET14C, DET24C Clamp-on earth resistance tester

det24c pic sm

Brand: Megger

Model: DET14C, DET24C

The DET14C and DET24C represent a new generation of earth/ground clamp-on ...

Megger DET3TD Digital Ground Tester

det3td pdt%20pic%20small

Brand: Megger

Model: DET3TD

Megger DET3TD, Three pole earth testing kit

Megger DET3TC Digital Ground Tester

det3tc pdt%20pic%20sm

Brand: Megger

Model: DET3TC

Megger DET3TC ART three pole earth testing kit

Megger DET3TA Analogue Earth Tester

det3ta pdt%20pic%20small

Brand: Megger

Model: DET3TA

Megger DET3TA Analogue Earth Ground Tester

Megger DET4TD2 Digital Ground Tester

det4td2 pdt%20pic%20sm

Brand: Megger

Model: DET4TD2

Megger DET4TD2 - Four pole soil resistivity testing basic kit

Megger DET4TR2 Digital Ground Tester, Rechargeable


Brand: Megger

Model: DET4TR2

Megger DET4TR2 Rechargeable four pole soil resistivity testing basic kit

Megger DET4TC2 Digital Ground Tester


Brand: Megger

Model: DET4TC2

Megger DET4TC2 Earth ground system testers for four pole testing, and enabled ...

Megger DET4TCR2 Digital Ground Tester


Brand: Megger

Model: DET4TCR2

Megger DET4TCR2 Rechargeable earth system testers for four pole testing, and ...

Kyoritsu 4300 Simplified Earth Tester

kyoritsu 4300

Brand: Kyoritsu

Model: 4300

Kyoritsu 4300 is Simplified earth resistance tester (based on 2-pole method) ...

Kyoritsu 4102A Earth Testers


Brand: Kyoritsu

Model: 4102A

Kyoritsu 4102A Earth Tester is for testing power distribution lines, in-house ...