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HOBO U20L-04 Water Level (13 ft) Data Logger

hobo u20l 04

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO U20L-04

The HOBO U20L-004 is a low-cost, research-grade water level data logger for ...

HOBO UX120 Series Plug Load Data Logger

hobo ux120 series

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO UX120 Series

Onset's HOBO Plug Load Data Logger is a high-accuracy, easy-to-deploy data ...

HOBO U22-001 Water Temperature Pro v2 Data Logger

hobo u22 001

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO U22-001

The HOBO Water Temp Pro v2 is durable with 12-bit resolution. Complete with a ...

TidbiT v2 Water Temperature Data Logger

utbi 001

Brand: ONSET

Model: UTBI-001

Only 3x4 cm, this tiny data logger measures temperatures over a wide temperature ...

HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station Data Logger

hobo rx3000

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO RX3000

The HOBO RX3000 is Onset’s next-generation remote data logging station that ...

HOBO MX1102 Bluetooth Low Energy Carbon Dioxide - Temp - RH Data Logger

hobo mx1102

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO MX1102

Onset’s HOBO MX1102 CO2 logger makes it more convenient than ever to measure and ...

HOBO MX2001 Series Bluetooth Low Energy Water Level Data Logger

hobo mx2001 series

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO MX2001 Series

The HOBO® MX2001 is the industry’s first water level data logger designed for ...

HOBO MX2301 Temperature/RH Data Logger

hobo mx2301

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO MX2301

The HOBO MX2301 is a weatherproof data logger with built-in temperature and ...

HOBO MX2302 External Temperature/RH Sensor Data Logger

hobo mx2302

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO MX2302

The HOBO MX2302 is a weatherproof data logger with external temperature and ...

HOBO MX2303 Two External Temperature Sensors Data Logger

hobo mx2303

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO MX2303

The HOBO MX2303 is a weatherproof data logger with two external temperature ...

HOBO MX2304 External Temperature Sensor Data Logger

hobo mx2304

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO MX2304

The HOBO MX2304 is a weatherproof data logger with one external temperature ...

HOBO MX2305 Temperature Data Logger

hobo mx2300

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO MX2305

The HOBO MX2305 is a weatherproof data logger with an internal temperature ...

HOBO MX1101 Data Logger

hobo mx1101

Brand: ONSET

Model: HOBO MX1101

Onset’s HOBO MX1101 is a Low Energy (BLE) data logger that measures and ...

MSR145 Mini Datalogger

msr145 pic

Brand: MSR

Model: MSR145

This thumb sized quality datalogger records over 2 000 000 measurement ...

MSR160 Mini Datalogger with 4 analogue inputs

msr160 pic

Brand: MSR

Model: MSR160

The MSR160 is a rugged, quality datalogger that records over 2 000 000 ...

MSR255 LCD Datalogger with up to 5 sensors and 4 analogue inputs

msr255 pic

Brand: MSR

Model: MSR255

With up to five different sensors, four additional analogue inputs and an easy ...

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