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Fluke Test Equipment

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Additel 223A Documenting Process Calibrator


Brand: Additel

Model: 223A

Sourcing, simulating and measuring pressure, ...

Ultrasonic Leakage Detection

csm lecksuche 4401c34ae6

Brand: Sonotec


Fields of Application: Leak Detection ...

TPI 9070 Vibration Meter

tpi 9070

Brand: TPI

Model: 9070

Price: 15.950.000 VNĐ

ISO Built-in Alarms Easily identify bearing ...

FLIR CM174 Imaging 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter

flir cm174

Brand: Flir

Model: FLIR CM174

Ampe kìm Flir CM174, 600A AC/DC

FLIR DM93 True RMS Digital Multimeter

flir dm93

Brand: Flir

Model: FLIR DM93

Đồng hồ vạn năng đo điện Flir DM93

FLIR E4, E5, E6, and E8 Infrared Cameras with MSX

flir e6

Brand: Flir

Model: FLIR E4, E5, E6, E8

FLIR E4, E5, E6, and E8 Infrared Cameras with MSX, ...

PSF-L Series - Flexible range Regulated DC Power Supply

psf 07

Brand: Texio - Kenwood

Model: PSF-L Series

●Flexible range regulated DC power ...

Megger DELTA4110 and DELTA4310 12kV Insulation Diagnostic System

delta4000pic sm

Brand: Megger

Model: DELTA4110 and DELTA4310

Megger new DELTA4000 Series is a fully automatic ...

Megger SMRT36 Automated Relay Test System

smrt36p sm

Brand: Megger

Model: SMRT36

The Megger SMRT36, is a smaller and lighter ...

Fluke 190 Series II Scopemeters

190 pic3 sm

Brand: Fluke

Model: Fluke 190-062, 190-102, 190-104, 190-202, 190-204, 190-502

As the first two and four-channel portable scopes ...

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